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About Us

Aerial Capture Specialists

From beginnings in 2017, The Good Drone Co is a collaboration between seasoned professionals of both cinema and industrial works of the drone industry.

We aim to use our technical abilities to provide solutions that were once difficult or impossible to provide in the past. We are dedicated to working with our clients to use new technologies and drones to capture images and data in an effective and efficient way.

Once a process that involved rigging, jibs, cranes, helicopters and booms, our imaging services are faster, more safe and more malleable than traditional capture methods.


Emily Avery

With over 8 years of experience within the drone industry, Emily is our leader in creating an innovative drone and creative solutions company. She handles everything from directing technical operations to piloting our aerial imaging platforms. 

Emily is known for her smile and passion. She's always looking for new ways to tackle projects and is a hands on leader with everything she's involved in. If you say it can't be done, she'll try it for herself. In a good way she's actually quite stubborn... 

While her experience in the industrial space capturing level views, conducting VESI qualified drone powerline inspections and providing 3D mapping is impressive, she's a creative at heart. With a vast resumé in real-estate, advertising and campaign work, she's like the result of Picasso creating a Swiss Army knife.

Emily's passion for industrial and creative capture is matched by her enjoyment of sports and the outdoors. If she's not on the sticks of a drone you can find Emily at the football field as the coach of the premier women's seniors team of the Kew football club.

Josh Labita

A professional R/C helicopter pilot of 12 years, Josh has been at the forefront of drone technology since the beginning. He is our gun for hire in providing technical drone and camera insights alongside advanced drone solutions. 

Josh has been involved in the highest level drone operations in the Film and Television industry for the last 7 years. With recent works as drone operator on feature films such as the recent "Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky" featuring actor Liam Neeson and the Stan TV series "Preacher", he boasts an impressive list of experience flying heavy-lift remote aircraft. His works extend to technical work for the Australian Defence Force. 

A computer science student of the past and a self proclaimed "camera nerd", Josh understand imaging. He has a vast range of experience with high end capture solutions from top-tier technology providers.

Josh is a professional 1st AC in film and a precision driver of U-Crane arm cars in his time away from drones. He has a passion for cars and can often be found in the garage working on his track car. 



TGDC are fully licensed with Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) approved operator, (CASA .ReOC.


We use the most up to date and high tech drones that are professionally suited for both creative and commercial work.


Our pilots are fully qualified and have Remote Pilot Licenses.


Safety is our highest priority in all of our operations. We hold all required CASA licenses and insurance to ensure a smooth operation.

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