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We have joined with Australia’s leading drone service provider for Telecommunications – UAVISUALS. UAVISUALS brings 10+ years of experience across drones and telecommunications assessments

Through our comprehensive planning processes, precision flying, and commitment to service, we can rapidly deliver reports on antennas, towers, and lines.


Simplify your processes, minimise your risk and reduce how often you need to use elevated working platforms (EWPs) or have employees working at heights.


Our fully insured drone fleet can operate at any site and deliver you all the information you need for peace of mind about your projects.


Work with our licensed drone pilots to increase your efficiency and get the information you need into your hands faster. With precision flying and our professionally trained drone operators, we can fly close enough to structures to reveal every detail.

Our services include:

  • Line of Sight Surveys

  • Site Design Visits

  • VESI qualified

  • Tower inspections

  • 3D models/Digital twins


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